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KIMS Dental Care is equipped with international quality dental units for different dental treatments.

The Dental Unit for The World

All Anthos, designed for the world: this may be the philosophy which inspired Anthos to create this new dental unit . Anthos is available in several models, adaptable to the needs of customers all over the world. Anthos equipment offers the reability and safety, essential to day-to-day patient treatment, satisfying dentist’s needs all over the world. Anthos dental unit is particularly comfortable and relaxing, putting patients of all sizes at ease. The appliance design Designed to cut quickly, efficiently and safely, with unparalleled debris removal, the K3 addresses technical and procedural issues that no other endodontic instrument does.


Anthos chair is made so that it is particularly comfortable and relaxing, while remaining mobile without disturbing the patient, with a silent and smooth movement. The Trendeleburg position is reached when the backrest of the chair is at maximum tilt. The anatomic backrest supports the shoulders so that the patient feels supported without leaning on the armrests. the chair can however be fitted with a fixed armrest on the cuspidor side and moveable armrest on the access side to favour entrance and exit of the patient. The double jointed headrest accommodates patients of all ages and size. Furthermore, the broad vertical movement of the chair provides easy access for patients with difficulties in movement.


Hygiene of the water circulating inside the dental unit is very important in order to avoid the involuntary transfer of infection to patients. Water quality differs greatly from country to country, and can very greatly within the same country. Microbial contamination can have two sources: anterograde for the load present in system water, retrograde through respiration in side the pipes of micro-organisms present in the patient’s oral cavity. To attempt to efficiently protect patients all over the world, Anthos has fitted two disinfection systems for the water used in the patient’s oral cavity Re-aspiration of fluids in the out feed represents a source of contamination: micro-organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi) can then travel inside the dental unit water pipes and contaminate the entire machine. To avoid re-aspiration after use, each dynamic instrument has a device which blocks re-aspiration, and emits an air jet in the opposite direction to eliminate the last drop when work session is finished. A ultra-violet lamp positioned at the system water in feed allows elimination of 99.99% of the microbial content originating in the system. This operation is used for water used for dynamic instruments and the cup.


The dentist has the institutional duty of informing patients of suitable prevention methods and correct oral hygiene. Today the dentist has the task of communicating to patients all information relevant to their condition of health, so as to operate correctly according to informed consent standards. Furthermore, most dentists know well that their work will be improved only with the co-operation of the patient, once at home; motivating and involving the patient are among the factors which bring long-term success in dental therapy. The Shadow less lamp features a compact design and reduced dimensions.

A-dec : Performer

Performer also offers you several features designed to improve access to both instrumentation and patient. The extended assistant’s arm, for example, places the assistant’s instrumentation nearer to the patient’s headrest allowing the assistant to move closer to the patient and also have a better view of the operative site. Since access is just as crucial to efficiency in two-handed procedures, the Performer offers a narrow backrest. This upholstery option reduces the space between the operator’s hip and the patient’s shoulder, so bending and reaching is minimized Creating more comfort for patient and operator is a delicate balancing act. Adding more operator access by reducing the thickness of the upholstery, and the patient’s comfort could suffer.

With three backrest upholstery choices, seven mounting points, and a number of attachments to choose from, the Performer can meet your specific needs now-and in the future. The Performer’s delivery system, for instance, can be installed to the front or back of the chair’s lower structure. And, if the need arises, you can have your dealer easily change mounting locations. Simple design makes A-dec assistant’s instrumentation easy to reach and simple to maintain. The Performer’s vacuum modules and dental light options mount to either side of the chair.

Ceiling – mount lights provide a neutral daylight color temperature for consistent color matching and a convenient “composite” setting that allows for more time while working with composites. A-dec’s ceiling has three intensities and a third axis to help reduce operator fatigue.

Monitor Mount, provides exceptional positioning for patient education and entertainment. It also offers you the convenience of patient consultation during a procedure without having to change position. The side monitor mount delivers your monitor from the side of the chair and brings the monitor closer to the patient, so it makes an excellent choice for enhanced patient consultations during procedures.

ACTUS 5000

The most versatile ultrasonic generator. The new electronic design, high vibration amplitude, fully controlled linear tip movement.

The Drain Cut Filter

It is provided outside the spittoon unit allowing easy access for daily maintenance. The basin water timer can be set as designed; from every 15 seconds or for continuous running. Also, outside the spittoon unit there are manual water control knobs for the spittoon basin, a cup filler, and an extra water outlet. The suction is an auto-start type. The syringe holder bar has an emergency stop for chair operation.

The Functional and easy-to-use one pedal foot controller enables you to control

The hand piece operation including water supply for hand pieces and chair operation (such as back & forward, up & down). For safety reasons, both chair and hand piece operations are designed not to function simultaneously. The foot controller pedal also functions as an emergency stop for chair operation.

The Light head

This can rotate in four directions. The Light head handles are detachable.

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