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KIMS Dental Care is equipped with high standards sterilization techniques for various dental procedures.

In healthcare, dentistry has long been at the forefront of the development of new products and procedures that reduce the potential for disease transmission. Much of this is achieved through sterilization.


Sterilization Technology is the destruction of all living micro-organisms, including spores (reproductive bodies) of the hardiest bacteria and fungi.

We are now using an autoclaving machine, a dental sterilizer that processes instruments faster and more effectively than ever before. In autoclaving, instruments (which are first cleaned, dried, and placed in a special steam-penetrable wrap), are subjected to pressurized steam for 15 to 20 minutes. The instruments are then left in their protective packaging until they are needed.


The air-driven cleaning and maintenance unit is designed for:

  • Straight and contra-angle handpieces
  • Turbines (except air-bearing turbines)
  • Air motors
  • Air-driven scalers
  • Cleaning and lubrication of the internal components with service oil
  • Cleaning of the spray water and spray air channels with cleaning fluid
  • Flushing through with compressed air

MELA quick

The compact and space-saving fast autoclave for the sterilization of dental handpieces, contra-angles, and turbines. The MELAquick 12 operates with a single-use (non-reusable) water system to ensure longer service life of the autoclave and the sterilized instruments. The MELAquick 12 also offers an additional steam-pressure disinfection program for older dental handpieces and contra angles which cannot be sterilized.

Hot Air Oven


Autoclaves use pressurized steam to destroy microorganisms, and are the most dependable systems available for the decontamination of laboratory waste and the sterilization of laboratory glassware, media, and reagents. For efficient heat transfer, steam must flush the air out of the autoclave chamber.

Glass Bead Steriliser

A simple, inexpensive way to quickly decontaminate your micro-dissecting instruments between procedures. The unique stainless steel glass bead bath remains at a constant 500 degrees F, allowing you to insert the tips of your instruments whenever you wish to decontaminate them. And it’s fast…most micro-dissecting instruments decontaminate within 15 seconds! No messy chemicals and no need for open flames in the lab.

U-V light steriliser

Instruments are sterilised with the help of u-v light Useful for sterilisation of surfaces and transparent objects.

Formalin Camber

Sterilisation of instruments is carried out using formaldehyde tablets enclosed in a chamber.

Hot Water Steriliser

Is a simple procedure accessible easily in case of absence of more viable procedures Used for sterilisation of instruments using heat, water and container which can withstand heat.Many vegetative spores and virus are inactivated.

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